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Use These 5 Words to Energize Your Business Writing

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” Those words were written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton over one hundred years ago. Just like the art of fencing requires practice, so does the art of using the pen. Choosing to utilize its power can bring great results.

Most business communication, like presentations, various business documents, and emails are just plain boring. But just like you dread reading that text, so does the person on the other end of your email. It’s time to get a little risky. There are words that you can use that will give some life to that otherwise yawn-worthy email. The person on the other end will thank you.

Here are some words to get you started:

  1. Immediately.

This word conveys quick and swift action that is effective. In our microwave world where instant gratification is the norm, we’re looking for things to be accomplished or to happen with swiftness. Maybe the person receiving the email will receive the benefits of a certain desired action immediately or you’ll immediately see to their request.

  1. Guaranteed.

No side door or backup plan is allowed with this one, and that’s why it appeals to people. The responsibility is placed on you so that there is little to no risk for the other person. This word is guaranteed to get your recipient’s attention and ease any concerns they may feel.

  1. Proven.

Be careful how you throw this one around. People are used to hearing companies talk about their ‘proven’ methods when in reality they’ve never actually been proven. Show exactly how your method is proven and how that will benefit them. This shows them that not only are you confident, you’re also trustworthy.

  1. Relevant.

No one likes getting a generic email that really has nothing to do with them or adds no value to their day or their goals. Likewise, any business writing you may be doing or may have to consume can become pure torture if it has no relevance to you and what you’re trying to accomplish. First of all, make sure that what you’re trying to communicate is relevant to the person on the other end, whether it’s a coworker, supervisor, or customer. Then use this word—sparingly and succinctly—to highlight the value that you’re adding to the other person’s life.

  1. Refresh.

If you’ve refreshed a plan, you’ve given it a new energy, a new vitalization. You took what had worked before and gave it new life, new energy. Use this word to communicate the benefits of your plan and the overall feeling it will result in.

It’s not all semantics. If you can harness the power of the written word in your business writing and emails, you’ll find the responses that you desire. Being able to spur someone to a desired action because of an email or a well-written business article isn’t just going to happen. You’ve got to put in the forethought and effort. These five words are just a springboard, any word can have powerful results if utilized correctly.